Saturday, September 12, 2009

Word World (Our Week in Review)

Our theme this week and next week is Word World. Although my son has known his alphabet and the sounds the letters make for some time, I credit Word World with giving him an interest in, "building words."
This week, in addition to our usual, every day activities (Bible reading, reading story books, Boca Beth lessons on Youtube,) we did a number of Word World related activities. I found many activities at We also played Word World games on, and rented several Word World movies from the library.
Additionally, we "built words," using foam letters, letter stickers, and letter stamps. Basically, this consists of L telling me what word he wants to spell, and me sounding it out for him, while he spells it using whatever manipulatives we're using. This is good practice for him in the area of phonics and spelling, but it's also fine motor practice, which L could use a little extra work on.
Next week, we'll be continuing with this theme. I found a Word World lapbook online, have requested several more movies from the library, and am planning on spelling with wiki sticks, and possibly with Play Doh and alphabet cookie cutters. I'm also planning on re introducing the Bob books to him.
L has had a lot of fun this week. He wakes up and asks to do school every morning. His daddy was able to watch him to more of his work this week, and said it was "exciting to watch him" learn.

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