Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Counting and Learning the Alphabet, Halloween Style

I made a couple of little games for L this week.

First, a letter matching game. The task is to match capital letters with lowercase letters. L knows all his capital letters, and most of his lowercase letters, but still has trouble with b,d,p,q, etc.

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Second, a number matching game, where the task is to match the correct amount of stickers to the appropriate numeral. I went up to 20, as L can easily do 1-10. 11-20 is very challenging for him.

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I just chose a simple black and white graphic from Print Shop, printed it on cardstock, and used those cheap reward stickers that come a million to a pack. I would have laminated the games if I had any contact paper around. The same principle would work with any theme, Christmas trees for Christmas, Easter eggs for Easter, etc. L seems entertained by the new theme, even if the game stays essentially the same. The idea came from the Great Big Book of Holiday Celebrations, by Warren Publishing. (Great book, by the way.)


  1. i LOVE both these games! do you have a file you can share? this busy mom would sure appreciate it!

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