Saturday, October 17, 2009

Week in review: Sick

This week wasn't very fun or productive. We had doctor and dentist appointments on three out of five days, and I've been sick and miserable most of the week.
We managed to have school 2 days. We continued with the fall/pumpkin/Halloween theme.

Here are a few of the activities we did:

*L made Halloween cards for some of his favorite relatives. He dictated the message, which I wrote. He then signed his own name, and decorated with drawings and stickers.(The messages were precious, by the way. "Dear Nana, you're my greatest of all.")

*We attempted a messy paper mache project, which L essentially refused to do, even wearing the gloves I provided for him. (Too "sticky" he said.)

*We made torn paper jack-o-lantern collages. (As shown in picture.)
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*We made "pumpkins" out of Play-Doh, which basically meant practicing rolling balls.

*We made Play-Doh "cookies", using a set of tiny Halloween cookie cutters I got on sale, at Hobby Lobby last week.
*We did a couple of Halloween themed worksheets.

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  1. Sorry you guys have been ill, good for you for still doing some school. Love the pumpkins. Hope you are all feeling better soon. :)