Thursday, October 8, 2009

Crafting for Christmas

I've made my "must do" list, and started working on Christmas gifts. (If you've been wondering why I've been on the Yo Gabba Gabba crafting binge lately, they're gifts for baby V.) I keep finding more cool things to add to my list though. Cross one thing off, add three more...
There are some things I know I'll never get around to making in time but they're so cool, I bookmark them anyway.
Here are a few cool links that I've found in the last few days:
A wooden autumn forest:
What are you making this year?
(Incidentally, the picture above is of a belt, that I made for my 19 year old niece. She requested loud colors, so I used some pink and orange kool-aid dyed yarn. I hope she likes it...)

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  1. I'm making dolls for my little Princess. Probably some clothes/dress up clothes. My kids have become convinced I can make anything...... This is both good and bad.