Thursday, October 8, 2009

Week in Review: Pumpkins/Fall/Halloween

I've decided that for the month of October, we'll be studying fall, pumpkins and Halloween. It seemed sort of arbitrary to divide our activities into a week for each, since there would be so much overlap.

Anyway, we did our usual non themed stuff, like Bible reading and Spanish.

Here are some of the theme related activities we've done:

We read some good books. Here were some of our favs:

The Pumpkin Book, by Gail Gibbons

Pumpkins, by Ann L. Burckhardt

Fast Food, by Saxton Freymann (Totally not related to the theme, but an awesome picture book. I'm going to be looking for other books in the series.)

We made paper bag pumpkins.

Did some Halloween worksheets. (Incidentally, I'm finding lots of worksheets, file folder games etc, at )

Experimented to see whether pumpkins floated, and discussed bigger/smaller, and lighter/heavier. This has sparked some discussion about what other things might sink or float, a topic we'll be following up on.

Practiced writing letters: h for Halloween, p for pumpkin, etc.

L dictated a story about bats, which I wrote for him. L enjoys this process.

Next week: more of the same. I have several bigger messier craft projects in mind to do, but have a hard time doing them unless dad is around to watch baby V. She's old enough to want to be right in the middle of everything, but not really old enough to do a lot of things. Hopefully we'll manage to get them done before Halloween...

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