Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Fruit Feltboard PDF

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I've mentioned before that L and I are using various aspects of the Boca Beth Program this year. I was lucky enough to win a Boca Beth Gift set last year, and we've been combining that, with all the freebies on the Boca Beth website and youtube. Lately, we've been learning the names of fruit via the song located here: Even baby V has been practicing along. Anyway, I drew up a pattern, and made a fruit feltboard set to go along with the song. Obviously, I'm no artist, but the fruit turned out cute and functional. My son had fun with it, and having something to do while he practiced the vocabulary seemed to help him stay on task.


  1. Thanks so much I plan to check this out!

  2. Lisa - this is so adorable! How great for you to share this on your blog! I will share this in our e-newsletter if you allow me and gift you with a Boca Beth bilingual t-shirt (adult or youth size - you choose!).

    Just e-mail me - you know where I am!

    Gracias/Thank you amiga Lisa!

  3. thanks Lisa - I cam from [Felt Fun] and love the fruit. I plan to use 'Hana's Surprise' later and will be able to use some of these then and they give me an idea how big to make the extra fruit mentioned. When I ost this thankyou I am going to browse your previous entries.