Thursday, October 1, 2009

Toodee Trick or Treat Bag (or purse, or party favor bag...)

I made this little bag for baby V, and thought I'd do a little show and tell, in case anyone wanted to make one. I got the little bag in a pack of three from the Dollar Tree. (Yes, I do shop at other stores. Occasionally. ) At one point, I think they had other colors, but right now mine is only carrying them in blue. I'll keep checking back though, because I wanted to make the other characters.
I printed out the mask pattern from, and used it as a pattern for the facial features. It ended up being the right scale for the little bag. If you were making this for kids that didn't eat things or tear them up, (does anyone have kids like that? ) you could just glue the facial features on. I ended up picking out the side seams to make the project easier to manage, and sewing the features on with the sewing machine, and then resewing the seams.
The resulting bag is cute, and just the right size for a toddler to carry trick or treating, to use as party favor bags, or as a little purse.


  1. This brings back all the fun parts of trick-or-treating! SO sweet.

  2. that's too cute! i wish i was more crafty on the sewing machine! i guess i'll try the glue thing and hope it works.