Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas Playmobil Mat

I picked up this fun little Playmobil set at Target last week, for about $3 bucks. I decided it needed something, so I sewed this little mat to go with it.

The mat is constructed of cheapo acrylic felt. First I traced around a plate, and cut 2 circles of brown felt for the base. Next I traced that same plate, as well as a little saucer onto some green felt, and cut those out. I then quartered the green circles, to get the tree shapes. The trees were hand sewn into a cone shape, and then stuffed and whip stitched onto one brown piece. I then blanket stitched both layers of brown felt together. Finally, I cut some teeny little squares of white felt for "snow." (The snow is loose, so L can make it snow over and over again.)

I left it out for L to discover when he woke up today, and he loved it.
This was an inexpensive, easy project. If I had been in a bigger hurry, or wanted to make several, assembly line style, I could have done most of the sewing on the machine.

(Yes, I realize there isn't any logical reason fort Santa to be alone in the woods, frolicking in the snow. Nonetheless, this set combines my son's favorite parts of winter: Santa, presents, snow, and Christmas trees...Now maybe I need to track down the Playmobil Nativity set, to get him thinking about the real reason for Christmas...)

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  1. We got the same set, only I wasn't anywhere near as creative with it, I just gave it to them to play with.