Thursday, April 29, 2010

Fun Foam Pokemon Party Decorations

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I've said before that I can't draw or paint, and it's true, I can't. I really never progressed much past stick figures. I had a bit of a craft fail today, when I was trying to paint the features on some decorations for my son's party. They turned out pretty awful.
I trashed them, and started over using craft foam, which is somehow more forgiving. I ended up with these. (Jigglypuff and Oddish, for those of you who don't eat, sleep, and breathe Pokemon like we do...) L tried taking them away to play with them, so I took that as a thumbs up. You could adapt this to all kinds of characters, and an older kid, who was more adept with the scissors could make their own.
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P.S. I'm planning on making a few more, and then positioning them in the backyard, as if they're in their own "habitat." The kids are going to be hunting for Pokemon cards and eggs, and I thought these would be cute in that area.)

P.P.S. Jigglypuff's feet are sort of out of scale. They're huge. Whatever. My kids are young enough to not notice the difference. :)

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  1. No, you shouldn't throw craftfails away!! Post 'em at!

    This is a cute craft foam project!