Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ocean Themed Sensory Box

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I put together this sensory box for the kids recently, to go along with the ocean unit study we've been working on for several weeks. I dyed the rice blue, put it in a large, lidded container from Dollar Tree, threw in three packages of Dollar Tree sea creatures, (fish, sea stars, and crabs and lobsters,) a couple of shells, and a few Play Mobil mermaids.
Seriously, I've been really surprised how much the kids have played with this. They ask for it daily. They like to bury and find the animals, they use the shells as scoops, and we've been playing informal little games, like "find something that's purple," or "find a crab."

I've made several other versions of this which I'll be posting about later.

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  1. So fun!! I know your kids will love this! I make them as birthday gifts for my daughter's friends.

    My girls love our Ocean Box and we play in it at least once a week -- it gets used for all sorts of imaginary play.

    We used blue fish gravel but we do use colored rice in some of our other boxes.

    Sea shells make the best scoops!

    Here's a link to ours:

    (aka pink and green mama)