Friday, June 18, 2010

Little Dresses for Africa project

This month, Kristen at We are that Family has a new DIY project going on. She's collecting pillowcases, sewing notions, and postage money to make Little Dresses for Africa. After the materials are sent to her, she's going to pass them along to a group of volunteer seamstresses to sew them. I volunteered to be a part of the sewing group, so I thought I'd better try my hand at sewing up a pillowcase dress for baby V. It looked like a fairly simple project, but I figured if there was any learning curve involved, I'd rather mess up using my own stuff. It was easy though, and if the kids hadn't have interrupted me a million times, I could have knocked it out pretty quickly.
I made this little dress for V out of a pillowcase we had lying around. She likes it, and keeps twirling around saying how pretty she is, but I could NOT get her to cooperate to get a good picture. She was too busy "playing Gameboy". Oh, well. You get the idea, right?

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  1. My kids don't cooperate for good pictures either. Wish I'd seen that post to help sew.