Thursday, June 3, 2010

Placemats and Napkins For the Little Hostess

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This year for Christmas, V is going to be getting a nice little wooden kitchen. I've decided to run with that theme, and make her some felt food, and other accessories to go with it. I just finished making her a set of little placemats and teeny little cloth napkins out of this cool thrifted vintage fabric. She's sort of obsessed with tea parties. Now I just need to find her a functional (and nonbreakable,) little pitcher and some cups. I'm leaning toward ordering her a little set from Tupperware.

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This was one of the last projects I completed with my wonky old sewing machine, before getting a new one for my birthday. I'm looking forward to turning out some projects with straight seams for a change...

(By the way, if you're in the market for a toy kitchen, we picked ours up on clearance at Tuesday morning for around $60. We were excited to get such a good deal on such a nice little kitchen.)

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  1. Tuesday Morning is an awesome store!! Love the placemats and napkins