Friday, July 16, 2010

Assembly Line Tote Bags

I've been working on Christmas gifts since last month. Non crafters might think that's odd, but if you're planning on making most of your gifts, without having to operate a round the clock sweatshop in December, it pays to start early. I'm actually hoping to finish most of the crafting really early this year, so I can spend most of December goofing around, making stuff with the kids.
I've been making lots of tote bags as gifts. They're easy to make, easy to personalize, and a good way to use up small amounts of fabrics. (I'm sort of partial to the skeleton fabric. Cute, huh?)
I haven't been using a pattern for these. I just eyeballed a bag I had whose size I liked.
My sisters and nieces love bags of any and all kinds.


  1. yes I hear you on getting an early start I'm starting right after I make all the stuff for my soon to be 10 year olds bday party :)

    those bags are so cute! you are so crafty!!!

  2. These are so cute! I bet the will sell like hot cakes. Have a great weekend! Stopping from Mom Loop!

  3. I LOVE that skeleton fabric!!!