Monday, September 27, 2010

Bug Themed HexBug Party

Last Saturday, we had a HexBug Nano party at our house.

I really ran with the bug theme. We had bug and worm covered cupcakes, Oreo cookie spiders, (easy to make with Oreos, Twizzlers, M&Ms, and frosting,) gummi worms, and jello and gummi bugs in petri dishes. ( The jello concoction was a kit I found in the Hallween department at Target. I don't actually eat jello myself, but it turned out really cute.)

Bug themed snacks.

Bugs and jello, anyone?

Inevitably, the cupcakes started out like this,

Pre cupcake mess.

and ended up like this.

Post cupcake mess.

I set up a little table with bug themed Googly Bands and spider rings as favors. Can't go wrong with Googly bands, right?

The best part, of course, was the HexBugs. (Don't know what they are? They're tiny, robotic bugs. They can be made to run on tracks, and have "battles." They come in different color combinations, some more rare than others. There are habitat kits you can buy to build the tracks and battle arenas, and you can also buy individual components,to build your own habitats.)

We were sent two kits, the HexBug Nano Habitat Set, as shown here:

                                                         Hexbug Nano Habitat Set

and the HexBug Nano Bridge Battle Habitat Set, (for which Amazon didn't have a picture.) We were also sent a number of individual components to construct our own habitats.

Here's the set up we had before the party:

Our HexBug battle zone.

We actually all sat down as a family, and had a blast putting it all together.

After the kids arrived, they played,

and played,

and played.

These toys were a hit with all the kids, and even my husband and I have enjoyed building new habitats for them over the past couple of days. (If your kids like Legos, or Tinker Toys, or other building toys, they'll like the building aspect of the Hexbug habitats. The pieces are all interchangeable, which makes for an infinite number of building possibilities.)

My son is already requesting some of the other Hexbug toys for Christmas this year. Shhh, he'll be getting some...

I'd totally recommend HexBug Nanos for boys or girls. (We had an equally good response from both.)

The individual bugs sell for less than $10, and the habitat kits run from about $15 (for a small starter kit,) to around $40 (for the large Battle habitat.) Individual habitat components are available at several different price points. Hexbug Nano toys can be purchased at Toys R Us, Target, Hobby Lobby, Amazon, and virtually everywhere else.

Several of our guests weren't able to make it Saturday, so we're already planning to have another Hexbug play date. Our own kids have been playing with these pretty much morning 'til night for the past three days. :)

Disclaimer: I was provided with HexBug toys for my own children and my party guests, as part of this promotional campaign through BSM Media. No other compensation was provided, and all opinions expressed here represent my own experiences.


  1. we had a hexbug back to school party it was alot of fun and everyone is still playing with their bugs almost a month later :)

  2. I had never heard of them until your post. Looks like you did an awesome job with the party! Way to go!

  3. Nice - my boys would love the Hex Bugs and the Bug Cup Cakes. Actually, I think I'd like the cup cakes as well :-)