Saturday, September 25, 2010

Leaf Week in Review

I'm a little late posting this week's wrap up. My mom is back in the hospital, and it's been another unsettling week around here.
We are starting our fall/Halloween unit, and learned about leaves this week. Here are some of the theme related activities we did:
We went for a walk in the park and hardly found any leaves, (because they'd apparently just mowed,) so then we went for a walk on our street where we did find some. We made leaf rubbings with crayons, and then I cut them out so the kids could glue them to these trees. (L did his own rubbings, the red ones shown in the bottom picture. V had trouble with the leaf rubbing part, so in the end I made some for her, and she had fun gluing tons of them on her tree.)

We did some counting, sorting, and estimating with the little plastic acorns and pumpkins from the Dollar Tree.

L practiced "picking pumpkins" at with the tweezing activity I posted about earlier. (I took a picture, but just realized he wasn't wearing any pants in it, so no picture. LOL)

We also did a number of non theme related activities. L has enjoyed working in the Draw. Write. Now. book, and also has been busily working in a Scholastic Phonics book.

Here are a few of the resources we used and enjoyed this week:


  1. Love those books..Don't you just love the options for this time of year. Can't wait until we can cozy up on the couch with the kids under the blankets and read!

  2. I do love all the seasonal books. L really took to the Pooh books, which surprised me, because I've read them in the past, and he never seemed interested.Maybe he's at the right age for Pooh...