Monday, September 20, 2010

Halloween Soap From Dollar Tree Molds

Dollar Tree seasonally stocks holiday themed silicone ice cube trays. I picked up some Christmas Trees last winter, and some hearts in the spring. Last time I was there, I saw these Halloween molds, and had to snap up a couple of them.

Skulls and Pumpkins
These have several uses other than ice cube making. They're great for candy molds, you can use them for molded crayons, and best of all, they make cool soap molds. (I haven't tried it, but they'd probably also make cool play doh molds for the kids...)

I made some orange and black pumpkin and skull soaps to put in a mason jar for Halloween, in the bathroom. They turned out really cute, and I tried at least six times to take a good picture of them, but couldn't come up with anything decent.

Take my word for it, and go pick them up, while they still have some.


  1. WOW what a fantastic idea! I will have to go down to our dollar tree today! We just got one in town! Thanks!

  2. So excited, I just got back and they HAD THEM! I bought do you make soap? lol....

  3. I usually buy the big bag of melt and pour soap base from Hobby Lobby. It's normally about $15, but if you wait until they have a 40% coupon, it's an even better deal. You can buy soap fragrances, on the same aisle, or use essential oils, or leave them unscented. I use liquid food coloring to dye.
    I put a few cubes of sopa base in a glass measuring cup, and pop it in the microwave until it melts. Add a couple of drops of scent and color, stir quickly, and pour into the molds. After they're totally cool, just pop the soaps out of the mold. Couldn't be easier, and people always think you're a genius for making soap, "all by yourself". ;)

  4. Awesome...we don't have a Hobby Lobby, but maybe a Michael's Craft store would have it..I will check it out..So excited! Thanks.