Sunday, September 19, 2010

OutLast Hand Sanitizer Giveaway

I don't know about your kids, but my kids touch everything. When we're out in public, and they've been touching shopping carts, doorknobs, and everything else, my inner germiphobe comes out.

We all know the best solution would be to go wash their hands with soap and water, but that isn't always possible. When it's not, I feel like hand sanitizer is a good second choice.
Thanks to MomSelect, I was recently introduced to OutLast Hand Sanitizer. Here's a quote from the information they sent me:

 Unlike leading hand sanitizers that work for only two minutes, OutLast™ Hand Sanitizer kills germs on contact and can control germs for up to 6 hours. OutLast™ Hand Sanitizer works longer because of its unique patented formula that was originally developed for hospital use. Now, that's exciting news to share with any mom! You can learn more about it by visiting

The bottles I recieved were 2 ounce bottles. The texture of this product is different, it's a liquid, instead of a gel. Just a couple of drops is enough to coat your hands. As expected, it smelled briefly like alcohol, but absorbed quickly, leaving no sticky feeling afterward, like some other products do.

MomSelect sent me several bottles to share. Two winners will each win 3 bottles, (you know, one for your purse, one for the diaper bag, and one for the car.)

To enter, leave a comment. For a second entry, follow me here at Cheerios Underfoot.

This contest is open to US residents only. Please make sure to leave a way to contact you, if you are the winner. Contest ends at 9/26/10, at midnight central time.

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  1. Ive seen this giveaway around the internet, looks cool, Im in.. I am a freak about germs, my kids open doors with their t-shirts. :/ Thinking of making this as a science project this week. :)