Thursday, September 9, 2010

Transportation Week 2: Trucks

This week we continued with the transportation unit, focusing on trucks.
I have to confess that in spite of L's recent interest in tractors and other big machines, the transportation theme seems to be going over like a lead balloon around here, with none of the fun and interest of the space unit. L's been sick with an upper respiratory infection though, and that may explain some of it.
In fairness, I've hard a hard time focusing too. My mom is still in ICU, although she is awake now, and finally off the ventilator. (Thank God! Thanks to you guys too, for praying for her.) My paternal grandmother is also very seriously ill though, and my husband is being transferred to another place of employment this week. Everything seems to be sort of up in the air right now.
We've done what we could though. Lots of reading, as usual. Our favorite truck related book of the week was "I Stink." The kids and I have all but memorized it. We also have the DVD version of the story, available from Scholastic, and it's equally well loved.
L did many of the pages in the Usborne Dot to Dot book, which is a fun way to get him to work on counting. We watched for the recycling truck to come by, and have been looking at trucks in general while we're out.

The recycling truck.

To be honest, I'm not sure if I'm going to continue with the transportation theme next week or not. While it's important to me that L learns to persevere, even when he's not terribly interested in a topic, it's more important to me at this time that we keep the tone around here fun and interesting.

(Below you'll find some of the resources that we used and enjoyed this week.)

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  1. So sorry to hear about the illness in your family. Praise God that your mom is showing improvement.

    That is the great thing about HSing...we can change it up whenever we want to...I say ditch the transportation unit and move on to what the kids are interested in!

    Keeping prayers going for your family!