Wednesday, September 15, 2010

WFMW: Wrap as You Go

I know it's not popular to even bring up Christmas in the month of September, but this weeks WFMW post is actually a Christmas tip.
I'm one of those people who buys gifts early, in order to beat the crowd and take advantage of good deals as I see them. I make a list of what I've purchased for whom, so I can keep track of when I'm finished.
Here's the tip though: I wrap as I go. Yes, this means that I'm actually wrapping gifts in September.
It also means that I don't have to pull an all nighter on Christmas eve, wrapping presents. (My sister does that every year...)
It's one less thing to have to do during the already busy weeks before Christmas. It works for me.
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  1. I love this idea. I really like wrapping presents and making them pretty but by present number 4 I'm over it and just slapping the paper on. I should give this a try because like you I already have a bunch of gifts. =)

  2. December really is less stressful when you wrap as you buy the presents. I also discovered it helps prevent kids from ruining their surprise when they go snooping for your hiding spot. To really make things difficult for those children, I typically don't put the gift tags on when I wrap. I just put a number, and keep a master list someplace safe. (Puttin on a tag to cover the number before putting under the tree is much faster than doing the whole wrap job.) And, we also try to prevent the snooping in the first place!