Wednesday, October 27, 2010

WFMW: Organize Your Books

Even before I had kids, I had a lot of books. Now that I have two little ones, and we're homeschooling, we're swimming in books. After getting fed up with not being able to find books that I knew I had, I decided to get organized.

(I should mention that this is one of those organizational projects where things get worse before they get better, as evidenced in the picture.)

I started fairly small, with the two bookshelves that held specifically homeschool-y books. I sorted them by subject: math, reading, science, art etc.

I did this several months ago, and can vouch for how much of a difference it makes. Now I can find what I'm looking for within a minute or two, instead of having to search through hundreds of books.

We have several other bookshelves in our house, and my next organizing project will be to sort the books on the craft bookshelf.

Getting organized works for me. For more WFMW posts, check out the linky at


  1. Isn't it exciting to get organized!?! I am organizationally challenged I believe. I have an entire linen closet full of books for my kiddos and I can't find anything. It is a mess. I hope to one day tackle this chore and finally organize their books so that I may be more efficient in homeschooling.

  2. We have a lot of books, too, and not much space (compared to the volume of books, at least!). Many of our homeschooling resources are boxed up, and I've cataloged the items in a database so I can find what I need. (This is actually part of my WFMW post.) And that's the bottom line--being able to find what you need instead of wasting time looking for it! Congrats on getting organized! :)

  3. Oh, that's what I'm doing this weekend! MY husband is going hunting and taking one of the boys to his mom's so I'll only have the baby. My books are overwhelming me right now. I'm glad to hear that your organizing helped!