Monday, November 1, 2010

A Halloween Recap

Mario Pumpkin Stencil, from
Holidays are tough for kids with SPD.
(Actually, as an adult with some sensory issues, I confess that last night was a lot for me to swallow too. That boy and I are a lot alike. )
L was overwhelmed with the 20ish people in our small house, with the noise, with the chaos that most people would perceive as festive.

Severed finger and spider cupcakes, anyone?
There were several meltdowns about whether or not to wear a costume, to go trick or treating, etc. It must be hard to be a little kid, and feel so conflicted about things that are supposed to be fun. In the end, he wore half a costume, and tearfully went trick or treating of his own accord.  He later reported that he had fun.
V, the polar opposite, was thrilled to get to dress up, thrilled to be the center of attention, excited to tell everyone "Happy Halloween!"
It's hard to know how to provide both kids, who have such different personalities, with what they need at any given moment.
I'm not sure we hit the mark this time. I'm going to be thinking about what we can do to make Christmas easier for L...
V, the self styled "Princess Toadstool," and "Super Mario"

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