Thursday, November 4, 2010

Yep, Another Blanket

The last week or so has been sort of a blur. We had a large-ish Halloween party, a fairly traumatic kitchen leak, (which is going to eventually result in some DIY remodeling,) and I've been sick.
I've been thinking about and planning all kinds of things, but not actually doing much that's noteworthy.
Here's one small exception:

My pictures always make everything look a little wonky, even if they're not. ;)
I finally finished this lap sized blanket, destined to be donated somewhere. I'm glad to finally have it finished. I always get bored with about the last quarter of a project, ready to start something new...

My sister was longingly looking at the arm warmers I made myself a while back. I guess I'll be making her a set next. :)

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