Saturday, November 20, 2010

Homeschool Week in Review: Mexico

The week I decided to change up the lesson plans, and go in a totally different direction.
Our focus this week was Mexico.
We talked about how L's great grandparents came from Mexico, and how they spoke Spanish. We also talked about "abuelita in Heaven," the kids' maternal grandmother, who was bilingual. We practiced a little Spanish with Boca Beth.
I really wanted to try cooking some Mexican food with L, but he's so incredibly picky that our choices were pretty limited. We ended up making quesadillas together, and sampling a few treats from the Mexican section of our local grocery store. (The sodas were yummy. The cookies, not so much.)
We studied an atlas, to see where Mexico is located in reference to us, and L tried his hand at map making and flag drawing.
We also did the usual amount of reading this week. L is devouring Dr. Suess books these days. We've been taking turns reading them, with him reading the simpler ones, and me reading the more challenging selections.
We also took a little field trip to the zoo this week, and it was a really nice break in the routine.
Next week I think we'll be continuing with the Mexico theme.

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