Saturday, January 8, 2011

Bird Unit, Week 1: Penguins

This week was our first week learning about birds, penguins specifically.

At the beginning of the week I set up a little "learning center" with the materials we were going to use. I used a project board to make a little display. I put pictures of penguins, the Spanish word for penguins, and little library pockets to hold some math manipulatives. I figured we'd add to it as the week progressed, mounting L's work as he completed it. (Sort of like a huge lapbook.)

Here are some of the activities we did this week:

Goldfish math. We added and subtracted goldfish crackers. (You know, because penguins eat fish...)

Penguin math game, from Lapbook Lessons. (We got several other activities from there also.)

L and I drew some penguins.

L decorated a bird feeder, (barely visible in this lousy picture,) and we hung it in the front yard. (Clearly we don't have penguins in our yard, but I though we could observe our native birds.)

We used a yard stick to measure the relative heights of various types of penguins on the wall, and then compared them to the kids' heights. (Didn't get a picture of this activity.)

L practiced spelling and handwriting on a chalkboard.

L and I also spent several hours putting together a 300 piece puzzle together. Although it wasn't bird related, I thought I'd mention it, because he was so proud when we got finished.
He's able to do 100 piece ones by himself, but this was pretty challenging for both of us. When we finished, he asked what the puzzle had to do with school. I told him he had learned a little about not giving up, and he agreed.
Below you'll find some of the resources we used this week:


  1. lol....Lisa, we did Penguins last month...and moved on to Polar Bears this month. penguins were very interesting! Have fun!

  2. I don't homeschool but I do love the creativity and dedication you exhibit in teaching your son. I wish I had an ounce of this to work with my little ones. Right now they are on a 5 week break from school because they attend year-round schools. I think you have inspired me to do a little educating while they are home. thanks