Thursday, January 6, 2011

Pink Princess Party (Part 1)

The kids know that after Christmas is over, it's time to start thinking about birthdays. Their birthdays are months away, but because mommy usually makes a lot of the party stuff, preparation starts early.
This year, I thought I'd get off easy with V. She's recently become infatuated with Hello Kitty, and when I saw some cute Hello Kitty party stuff at Target, I figured I was off the hook.
When I showed it to her, she sternly said "I don't want a Kitty party. I want a PINK PRINCESS party!" I revisited the topic a couple of days later, and she told me the same thing.
So um, here I am, starting on the pink princess party...
I decided against a Disney type theme, and I think I'm going to go the usual DIY route.
Here's my first contribution, tiny little goody bags.

I'm thinking I'm going to come up with a crown and a wand for the kids, and fill these little bags with candy jewelry or something. I sort of hate filling up a big 'ol bag full of plastic trinkets the kids aren't going to play with anyway, and I thought these might solve the issue, in that they're too small to hold much junk. They're also reusable, as opposed to the plastic goody bags you buy.

They're crocheted of cotton yarn.

Also on the agenda, a DIY Mario party, which L has been talking about since shortly after his last birthday.


  1. Nice bags! I wish I had that talent! I am planning my little one's 4th b'day...I did the Hello Kitty one and the Princess One before. Fun! I used a lot of Tule for the Princess one...decorated with table clothes from the dollar store (pink pink pink) they also have champagne glasses and glass slippers (at least at my dollar tree in town) in the wedding section...they were cute decorations on the tables. Have fun!

  2. Lisa, thanks for stopping by the blog....I am going with a ballet them this year. Trying to do it on a tight budget. Typically we have a large outside party. This year, we are having a few girls (5) over inside to dance and craft. I am making the banner, cupcake toppers, decorations myself. Having fun with it. Also using tulle for this party, a lot of it! Another thing i did for the princess party, bought a large roll of red felt, made a "red carpet" entrance and had flower petals on it. The girls loved it.