Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mario Party Favors: Hats

After looking at the available readymade Mario party favors, I decided to come up with my own. Here's the first part: Mario hats for all the guests, like the one I made L for Halloween last year. I picked the hats up (on sale for about a buck each,) at Hobby Lobby. (I originally had planned to make Luigi and Mario hats, but they didn't have any green ones.)

The felt emblems were hand sewn on one afternoon last week when I was too sick to do anything other than sit in the bed all day.


  1. I like it --- we are doing a Mario party too I think. Josh wanted a nintendo party - with mario, zelda, donkey kong, pokemon -- the whole gang. but I think focusing on one group will be much easier!! I'll be watching! :)


  2. Super cute! and a great idea for a party favor!