Friday, January 28, 2011

Welcome to Our Classroom

My bloggy pal Melissa, from The Joys of Home Educating, is doing a show us your homeschool link up today, and invited me to join in.

We don't have a devoted schoolroom at our house. As much as a part of me loves the idea of having an out of the way place to put everything, we just don't have the extra room. At any rate, we tend to take a pretty relaxed approach to things, spending a good deal of our school time curled up in the bed reading.

Here's our (paint stained,) kitchen table. This is where we do the messy stuff, and put together puzzles, and work in workbooks.

We use this little cabinet nearby as a display area for whatever we're learning about on a given week.

Reading, discussions, and watching of educational programing, (and sometimes not so educational programming...) take place here, on the couch in the living room. The cushions also make nice fortresses and lily pads...

We spend lots of time here, in my bed reading and drawing.

When the weather's nice, we sometimes take school outside, lounging under the shade of the giant crepe myrtle in the front yard. We also have a large backyard, with the usual childhood amusements: a garden and dirt piles to dig in, a swing set, a dog to chase, birds and squirrels to watch.

Homeschooling in a (really) small place is sometimes a challenge, but we make it work.


  1. Thanks Lisa for linking up....I love those placemats on your table! Where did you get them? or did you make them? I love the fact that you have "school" wherever you want to. I am looking forward to the days when the kids are more self driven and less I have to sit and plan out! Peace to you!

  2. Hi stopping by from over as Melissas,I am the same we school around the house not just one oficial school room.

  3. Those placemats are lovely! I love seeing how others manage to school in small spaces, it gives me ideas to make my small space work for me.

  4. Fortresses and lily pads - too cute! That's what's great about homeschooling - you make it work for you. Popping over from Melissa's link up! :)

  5. Hey Lisa, can you get in touch with me? You've won my giveaway and I can't seem to get your email addy from here. Thanks,
    The Sewing Dork

  6. I think it's great when we teach our children they can learn anywhere/everywhere! Quite wonderful!