Monday, February 14, 2011

Mini Bedroom Makeover

When we first moved into our house, just over three years ago, it seemed majorly important to hurry up and paint V's bedroom. (I was seven months pregnant with her at the time.)
L started asking when his room was going to be painted, and well, after the baby was born, we just kept putting it off indefinitely.

A before view of his messy room.

This past weekend, my sister took the kids for about 24 hours, and we decided to surprise L. My husband and I spackled, and sanded, and painted, and painted, and painted. We put the room back together, framed and hung some new Super Mario posters, and were about to die with anticipation.
We weren't sure he'd like it. He'd made it abundantly clear that he wanted his walls painted bright red, and we went in a whole different direction, dark blue.


The result was fantastic. He said he loved it, and that it was the "best day ever."

The room looks better too. We replaced the dingy, flat, non washable paint, with kid friendly, washable semi gloss. (Frankly I prefer less shiny, but I'm practical. It's a kid's room, it has to be  washable.) Next on the to do list are some new curtains. I've already picked up the sheets, now I just have to fire up the sewing machine... (Using sheets as fabric is a lot cheaper than buying yardage, if you buy the sheets from somewhere like Ross. I'll end up with two sets of 100% cotton curtains, plus a couple of coordinating pillowcases for $23 this time around.) 


  1. Brave going blue instead of the red he wanted. Glad he liked it.

  2. Tanya, I didn't think I could stand a bright red room. :) We took a gamble, and figured maybe the Mario posters would soften the blow. It worked, this time...