Saturday, May 14, 2011

Yoplait Vlogs and Coupon

You may remember the Yoplait Kids review and giveaway I posted a while back. One of the issues I touched on was V's extremely picky eating habits.
Christine Coppa, of the Mama's Boy blog at has partnered with Yoplait to create a series of short vlogs about good snacking habits for your preschooler.
The first installment is about picking wholesome snacks with your preschooler at the grocery store.

I confess I'm, a little jealous that her kiddo eats tomatoes of his own accord...

If you're interested in checking out the rest of the series, here are the links:
Snack Chat #2: Smart snacks for lunchboxes
Snack Chat #3 Overcoming pickiness
Snack Chat #4 Snacking on the go
Snack Chat #5 Snacking 101
Snack Chat #6 Realistic Expectations
Snack Chat #7 Making snack time fun
Snack Chat #8 Teaching good habits

Click here for a $0.50 coupon off the purchase of (1) four-pack of Yoplait Kids yogurt.

Disclosure: I was provided with free product coupons in exchange for this post. The information was provided to me by Yoplait, through My Blog Spark.

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