Monday, June 13, 2011

DIY Nature Journals

We're trying to spend more time outside this summer.

My little man, L, is not much of an outdoorsman. I suspect part of the problem is the sensory aspect. It's bright, and hot, and dirty outside. (All of those are deterrents for my sensory avoider.) The other part is that he persists in being extremely interested in one main topic at a time, pretty much to the exclusion of all other things. (Right now it's Pokemon.) He's not terribly interested in anything that goes on outside...worms, bugs, "exploring," the stuff that other little boys are into.

He did enjoy our recent scavenger hunt assignment, though, and that got me to thinking about other ways to encourage him.

I picked a pack of little notebooks at Hobby Lobby (6 for $3.99, plus they were 40% off,) and did a quick bit of stamping on the cover. I explained to L that it was for writing about, or drawing things we see when we're outside. (I made one for myself too.) He actually sounded excited. My idea is to try to encourage him to find something he wants to journal about, but if he can't think of anything I'll give him a prompt.

Do your little ones like to play outside, or are they reluctant like L? Do you have any tips to share for getting kids excited about nature?

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  1. love these they are very cute! I have some journals we have to make some :)