Friday, June 24, 2011

Road Trip

Whole outfits packed in baggies so we don't have to search through half a dozen bags to find a pair of socks.

Tomorrow our family is heading out on our first real road trip. We'll be driving about 5 hours each way to visit my mom in Oklahoma.

(When we arrive, the four of us will be sleeping in mom's teeny little house, along with her, my step dad, three dogs, and one cat. There's going to be a lot of um, togetherness...)

Truthfully though, it should be fun. We don't get to see the grandparents as much as I'd like, and I'm looking forward to the kids getting to know "Nana" and "Papa" a little better.

We'll likely be back next Tuesday. See ya' then...


  1. like the outfits in baggies thing! very smart!

    read your tweet about your son throwing up hope he gets better soon

  2. hope you have a good trip! love the clothes-in-a-baggie idea

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