Friday, July 1, 2011

4th of July Activities

I know the 4th is approaching quickly, but I thought I'd share a few of the activities I've put out for the kiddos this week.

4th of July sensory bin.
Here's our version of a 4th of July sensory bin. The contents include red and blue rice, pom poms, plastic "gems," little stackable people from the Dollar Spot at Target, and various other little odds and ends.

Pool noodle lacing.
Two dollars worth of pool noodles from the Dollar Tree yielded a huge bucket full of giant "beads" to lace. The kids have had fun tossing them around the house too. (I originally saw the pool noodle lacing idea at My Little Gems, via, you guessed it, Pinterest.)

4th of July themed manipulatives.

I filled this little tray with activities for practicing fine motor skills. I picked up the little flag mazes at Dollar Tree, and whipped up the clothes pin game on Print Shop. Other than that, I basically picked red, white, and blue things from our ever growing collection of little do dads. There are Unifix blocks for patterning. small beads for a more challenging lacing activity, plastic bolts to unscrew, little slotted foam blocks to build with, and wooden stars to paint.

How about a fun, (easy,) snack to round things out?

Star shaped watermelon, cut with a small metal cookie cutter.

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