Monday, July 18, 2011

Tween Party Favors on the Cheap

My niece's 12th birthday is coming up, and I've once again been put in charge of the festivities. She and I decided on a beach party theme, which should be fun, and pretty easy for me.

I've been trying to think of some little party favors that were a) suitable for "big" girls, (ie, not plastic trinkets,) b) inexpensive, and c) something that might actually be useful in some capacity, instead of winding up in the trash in a day or two.

I picked up some small tote bags in bright, pretty colors on sale at hobby lobby for around a buck a piece. I'm debating whether to stamp them or stencil them, but I'm thinking something along the lines of seashells or summery flowers.

I'm also going to make some hemp bracelets and ankle bracelets for the girls, since they're sort of beachy. I used to make jewelry back in my pre-mommy days, when I had lots of leisure time, so I'm just shopping my old stash for supplies.

Finally, I decorated the girls each a little notebook. The tiny little composition books came 3 to a pack from Dollar Tree. I spruced them up with some card stock, stickers, and clear contact paper. They turned out really cute. The girls can use them to write notes to friends, to do lists, or angst ridden Smashing Pumpkin  lyrics, like I used to. ;)

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