Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Let's Explore Art Kit

Christmas is getting closer, as evidenced by the massive amount of Christmas decor at my local Hobby Lobby. 

I'm trying to think of stuff to give to the kids this year that has real play value. I've come up with several little "kits" that I'm going to put together for the kids that I think they'll have fun with.

The first one is an art kit, for 3 year old V. I'm posting about it now, while school supplies are dirt cheap. The whole thing cost a couple of bucks, at the current prices. V loves artsy craftsy stuff, and she loves to make messes. Although we have most of these supplies here at the house anyway, I figured she'd like having her own supplies to use as she wishes. (Want to use a whole container of glitter on your collage? Sure, why not?)

The contents are pretty self explanatory, but here's a list anyway:
Colored pencils
Glue and glue sticks
Glitter Glue
Beads and laces
Index cards
Food Coloring (For shaving cream painting and color mixing in the bath tub.)

Anyone else dreaming about Christmas during this heatwave?


  1. oh my gosh love it!!!! I mean love love it!!! this is great I'm so making some for my niece plus my girls!!

    can't wait to see what other kits you plan to make

  2. Great idea!
    other ideas...craft foam, pipe cleaners, stamps and ink pads.

  3. Glitter glue is so very important to have.

  4. Yes! My kids are totally ready to put up the Christmas tree! I have done glitter in stockings and Easter baskets many times b/c I, too, have those who love to use it all at once. Great big gobs of glitter glue that never dry. They make the pictures so PRETTY!!! :)