Sunday, October 2, 2011

Dollar Store Decorating & Playing Catch Up

Mini pumpkins and dollar store leaves.

I could write a long post about all the behind the scenes stuff going on around here, but I won't bore you with it.

Here's the short list: 

I've got a house full of unfinished projects, (more than usual.) Hopefully I'll finish some stuff soon, and have some new things to show you. 

Our kitchen is partially disassembled, (while we repair the flood damage.)

My mom had surgery to remove lymph nodes last week. They came back negative, (thank God!) She'll be starting radiation soon. She's doing well, considering.

And this: My oldest sister was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis last week. My mother has MS, but even so, the odds of my sister having it are very small. We're all pretty shocked and horrified. (And heartbroken.) I don't even know what to say about it.

In spite of the above list, I've been doing a little fall and Halloween decorating here for the kiddos. It's still nearly 90 degrees here most days, not very fall-y, but whatever, right? The calendar says it's fall.

The first pictures shows some mini pumpkins and faux leaves from the Dollar Tree. I've sprinkled the leaves all over the house, and made a little garland of them over the dining room doorway. They're fun, and easy, and nonbreakable, which is always a good feature in holiday decor at our house.

I also picked up this creepy looking skull from Dollar Tree, to glitterize. (Is that a word? It should be.)

Dollar store skull.

Here he is, post glitterization. If you wanted to save the trouble, Target has glittered skulls for sale for a few bucks, although where's the fun in that?

Glittered dollar store skull.

I've got some fun giveaways in the works, from Freschetta, and My Memories, and some reviews you may be interested in, including LeapFrog Products, and homeschool curriculum from Founder's Academy.

I also just purchased a ginormous amount of burlap feed sacks, so um, you can be expecting some burlap projects in the near future. 

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  1. the skull looks better after you glitter-fied it.

    I need to head to dollar store sometime soon :)

    great news about your mom and so sorry to hear about your sister. My sister went through that testing a while back (her's came back negative she has Fibromyalgia instead)so I know what you must be feeling.