Thursday, October 6, 2011

Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes

Ice cream cone cupcakes.
This weekend our church is having their annual Lord's Acre festival. All of the families in the church are asked to contribute several desserts,  among other things. I didn't really feel like cooking anything really elaborate from scratch, so I poked around on Pinterest until I found something neat, but easy.

(Click here to see one of the images that inspired mine, as well as a cute packaging option.)

I did a little googling to see if the unfrosted cupcakes could be frozen for a couple of days, and then thawed, but there wasn't much of a consensus. Some people worried the cone might get soggy upon thawing.

I decided to test it out myself with a trial run. I baked a small batch, froze a couple of them, and then thawed them. (I took mine out of the bag, and thawed them on a plate. Sometimes there's a little condensation inside the bag as the cupcakes thaw, and I wasn't taking any chances.) They were fine. I suppose your mileage may vary, possibly depending on the cake in question, but for this boxed chocolate cake mix, thawing wasn't an issue.

I decorated our trial batch by piping on a huge pile of chocolate frosting and sprinkles. They were really cute, and I have a feeling they'll be a hit with the kiddos at church.

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