Friday, November 18, 2011

Rice Packs for Gifts

I dusted off my poor neglected sewing machine today while the kiddos were watching a Pokemon video, and whipped up a couple of little gifts.

I'd been meaning to make some rice filled heat packs for a while. They're such a simple, inexpensive gift, but really nice and practical. These are a fairly self explanatory project, but there's a nice tutorial at Elm Street Life.

Rice pack handwarmers.

I'd never thought of making rice pack hand warmers, (to go in your coat pockets,) but after seeing several variations on Pinterest, (like this one, at Jane Avion,) I decided they'd make clever little stocking stuffers. I think I'll tie them up with ribbon, and add a little tag with instructions, (since at first glance, they just look like bean bags...)

These are great assembly line projects.


  1. I need to make these for my sister and mom. My mom has a bad back and my sister has fibromygia (sp). now if I can find a sewing machine to borrow :)

  2. I like the handwarmer idea! We like to snuggle with the big ones on our laps when it's cold.