Thursday, December 1, 2011

Homeschool in December

Nativity themed sensory bin, with a little wooden Nativity set from Oriental Trading  Company, and  hay. Messy but fun.

Last year we took the whole month of December off from school. It was wonderful, actually. We read Christmas books, made Christmas crafts, and watched Christmas movies, without my feeling guilty that we "weren't getting anything done."

Christmas themed sensory bin, with mini trees and wreaths to decorate, reindeer, gingerbread men, pine cones, jungle bells, and dyed rice.

This year we aren't quite as far along as I wanted to be with some of the curriculum we're using, so we'll be doing just a bit of formal work, (reading and math,) as well as working with some of the fun curriculum I'm reviewing for TOS. Other than that, we'll be taking it easy, like we did last year.

Christmas I Spy bottle, with dyed pasta, bells, bows, pom poms, letter beads, Christmas themed erasers,  and tiny pine cones.
I like to do lots of baking and crafting in December, and I'm looking forward to including the kids.

If you homeschool, will you be taking time off this month, or working straight through?


  1. Working straight through. We do Sabbath Schooling, which is six weeks on/1 week off, so it takes us a while to complete our required # of days.

  2. love those! I am so far behind on my monthly theme and fun. I really like the ones you did!