Saturday, December 3, 2011

Lots of Last Minute Gifts. Yikes.

I added about 15 homemade gifts to my "to do" list at the last minute. You know how it is, you keep thinking of people you sort of want to acknowledge, but for whom there's no room in the budget.

I dug through my yarn stash, determined to use up some odds and ends, and turned to one of my favorite crochet books for quick, easy, cool looking patterns.

Hats and scarves are fairly generic, I guess, but they're practical, and I'm using nice, soft, wool yarn.

Here are some hats made with the Boy Beanie pattern. (Psst...this pattern works fine for girls and women too.)

And here are a couple of scarves made using the One-Skein Scarf pattern. (These can be made start to finish in one diligent evening. They're pretty too.)

Five down, lots more to go...

What are your go-to assembly line gifts?

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  1. Hi-I'm a new follower from the crew! I knit dishcloths as gifts, would love to learn to crochet!