Thursday, January 12, 2012

Puzzle Rehab

We made our weekly trip to Goodwill yesterday to look for books and stuff, and L was beyond excited to find a giant Pokemon puzzle. I usually insist on counting the pieces before we buy, to avoid the disappointment that comes with finishing a puzzle, only to realize it's missing a piece or two.
This one had 200 pieces, though, and the kids were being too rowdy to let me count at the time, so we picked it up, and hoped for the best.
We put the puzzle together as a family yesterday evening, and guess what? It was missing a piece, right in the middle.

I placed a piece of paper, (though cardstock or cardboard would have been better,) under the missing piece, traced the space, and tried my (feeble) best to sketch in the missing details. The resulting replacement piece was then cut out, and laminated with contact paper. It's not perfect, but it's complete now, and the kiddo is happy with it.

(And yes, I realize this is a good bit of trouble to go to for a $1 puzzle. The boy LOVES Pokemon, though and we aren't likely to find another one of these.)

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