Friday, April 13, 2012

Thumbs Up for Seeds Family Worship

I mentioned yesterday that we'd be using Seeds Family Worship cds as part of our Bible curriculum for the coming year. Today, I thought I'd elaborate a bit. 

My hand looks weird, but whatever. You get the idea.

Seeds Family Worship essentially takes Bible verses and turns them into songs. The end.

It's the simplest idea ever, but it's awesome. First of all, it's artfully done. The vocalists have nice voices, and the mostly acoustic-y music is catchy. 

Secondly, if you listen to it, you will memorize scripture. (Even if you have a lousy memory, like I do.)

Each cd is based on a theme, (Courage, praise, faith etc.) and there are currently 6 albums available. Each album you buy will include a second identical cd to share with a friend.

I'm not being compensated for this post, and in fact I've happily forked over my own cash for these. I just wanted to gush about something I really love.

We presently own the first three cds, with plans to buy the others.

Volume 1 is our favorite so far. Four year old V has memorized most of the songs (!) and walks around reciting verses all day. It's fantastic. 

There are several printables on the Seeds Family Worship website, (a chart to record memorized verses, and cards with the individual scriptures.) You'll also find a wealth of related printables at Bible Story Printables. 


  1. I so agree! I bought these for my kids a few years ago, but I listen to them all the time when they are not around. They used to have free downloads on the website, but now you can only listen online. My kids have inexpensive mp3 players with nothing but seeds on them. Love it!

  2. Sounds great; I'll look them up. The singing group Acapella has taught me a lot of Bible verses. They also take hymns and do creative things with them. I always appreciate creative kinds of Biblical music!