Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Checking in...

Well, it's turning out to be one of those weeks around here.
First and foremost, one of my favorite uncles passed away, after a very short battle with cancer. I went to see him in the hospital once, a couple of weeks ago. I really wish I'd gone back.
I have mastitis. Again. I feel like I've been steamrolled.
Neither of the kids has gone to sleep before midnight in 3 or 4 days. As a result, I have two grumpy, sleep deprived kids with a cold.

I'm trying my pitiful best to get the house clean and ready for the party this weekend. I have the funeral tomorrow, if I can find someone to watch my kids. Friday I'll be making the rainbow cupcakes, and decorating them.

So that's about it. I'll probably be pretty scarce for the rest of the week. Take care, everybody.

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  1. How fitting that I came to this site since I am blogging about Cheerios.
    Sorry for your loss. Take a quiet moment to put things into perspective. Talk to you again.