Sunday, June 21, 2009

A snapshot of our morning...

I entered a giveaway today that required as your entry that you tell about a trying day with the kids. I decided to tell about this morning. It was basically a typical morning around here, and I thought it would be funny to post. Maybe it will make someone feel better about their day, since you are probably more organized than me, and your kids hopefully had less fits than mine this morning. Here it is, in part:
We woke up an hour late this morning, due to my husband having botched up the alarm clock somehow. We started hurriedly getting ready for church. Both kids woke up crying at roughly the same time. I started ironing my daughters dress, and then realized it had a stain on it. No problem, on to dress two. Oops, it had a stain also. Third dress was a charm, as it had no stains on it. Sometime during this time, my son hid one of his shoes. We searched the house to no avail, and finally, put him in his play shoes. (Later found the shoe hanging in my closet on a hanger by the shoelace, by the way...) We left the house in a rush, and I forgot one of my bags.
We arrived at church where my son threw himself on the floor in the threshold of the nursery, and wouldn't get up. My daughter became hysterical at the prospect of my leaving her. We set off to Sunday School, late, and with my daughter. We had missed part of the lesson, and spent the rest of it trying to keep the baby out of my purse and from climbing on the furniture. (Luckily the teachers don't mind us bringing the baby along.) We dropped her back by the nursery on the way to church. My husband had the bright idea to put our coffee mugs in the bag with the bibles, etc, because he didn't want to walk them back to the car. He forgot to close the lid of his mug though, and it subsequently spilled all over everything in my bag, and worst of all, some of it got on the pew we were sitting in. Argh! After church, we went to pick up the kids, and my son had another meltdown because his sippy cup was empty, so he had to lay out in the floor in the nursery again. I finally coerced him out of the room, but he was yelling that he wanted to go back to church and learn about God, and also that he was sad and ridiculous.In the parking lot he had another fit because it was hot in the car seat, and he didn't want to get in. Folks were walking by shaking my husband's hands while my son was laying on the asphalt holding his daddy's ankles. We finally got the kids in the car. It was noon. The rest of the day has continued along the same lines. That's how we roll around here ;)


  1. Great post. Cute blog. I dont know if you watch nurse jackie but their last episode has a discussion about cheerios on the floor very cute and funny!Popping in from SITS!

  2. Stopping by from SITs.

    Whew, you certainly had a day. My daughter becomes hysterical several times in a day. It's not fun.