Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The First Garden Harvest of 2011 & a Link Round Up

A lonely green bean.

It's almost enough to feed a mouse, as they long as they weren't very hungry.

We actually do have some more green beans that will be ready shortly, a few tiny cucumbers, and a few green tomatoes in the works. The kids like investigating the plants every day or so, to see how things are coming along. V is very much interested in helping mommy plant and water everything. L is considerably less interested, since dirt and mud are generally offensive to his sensory sensitivites. (He did however seem mildly interested when I suggested that I might pay him to help me pull weeds out of the garden this year. Whatever works, right?) 

We're getting a really late start this year, but my husband actually finished tilling the big plot for the garden this year, and hopefully I'll have some pictures to show of it sometime next week.

In the meantime, here are a few gardening links for you and your family:

The Classroom Victory Garden Project, courtesy of the National WWII Museum of New Orleans: History, gardening info, lesson plans, recipes, and more.

Gardening Preschool Pack, from 1+1+1=1

A round up of Montessori themed materials for a gardening unit, as compiled by Living Montessori Now

A huge collection of Montessori themed gardening links from Montessori 21st Century

A crafty garden round up with lots of fun ideas on Craft:

Have any other favorite gardening links? (Yours or anyone else's?) Feel free to link 'em up in the comments.

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  1. We're getting a late start with our gardening this year too, but we're going to give it a shot! We're having the opposite issue with our SPD princess. She is actually sensory-seeking and wants to run barefoot through the freshly tilled (and freshly planted) garden. It's making DH a little nuts! :)