Thursday, July 21, 2011

Pond Theme Resources (Tons of 'em)

We're starting a pond theme here, and it seems like the timing is just right, because the web is exploding with great pond related ideas and resources.

Our pond themed "center."

(Totally an aside, but I picked up this wooden shelf for $5 at Goodwill last week, and it's just what I was looking for to house our little "center". It's low enough for the kids to access, on wheels, so I can move it as needed, and although it's in pretty good shape, it will be easy to repaint when I get around to it.)

I pulled out our frog and duck Beanie Babies, as well as a large, blue piece of fabric (to use for pretend play), and put together a sensory bin, which I'll be posting about seperately. I found a frog themed puzzle at Dollar Tree, and had a whole set of frog themed math games I found at Goodwill a while back.

Green poster board lilypads will be used to "jump like a frog," "fly like a dragonfly," "swim like a duck," "inch like a snail," and "creep like a turtle," around our pretend pond/living room. Three year old V just eats that sort of thing up.

I forked over 5o cents at the grocery store vending machine, to buy a sticky alien (I really just wanted a sticky hand, but couldn't find one. I figured that would make a pretty neat illustration of a frog's sticky tongue.)

We're planning on visiting a local pet store to check out the frogs and turtles, visit a nearby creek/pond to look for wildlife to photograph, and/or draw, and go on a frog hunt in our back yard at night.

I'm digging out some of my old scrapbook punches, (frogs, dragonflies, ducks, etc,) to use for fine motor practice, and collage materials.

We'll be digging out the old Leap Frog videos to watch again. I know, it's a little bit of a stretch, but they're technically about frogs, and V is  just about the right age for them.

I used elements from the following sites to help plan our activities:

Make a transforming felt frog, from the NWF.

Pond theme from 2 Teaching Mommies.

In the Pond theme, from Totally Tots.

Free frog activities from Kids Soup.

Frog life cycle lesson plan from Wikki Stix.

Frog Life Cycle Craft from DLTK.

Lesson plans, printables, and tons of info at Save the Frogs.

For lots of other web resources, check out my pond themed board on Pinterest.

We'll also be using the following books and resources:

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