Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Pond Themed Stamps

The kids and I are about to resume "regular" school. L will be doing his HOD curriculum in the morning, and then later in the day, we'll all be doing a themed unit study together. Our plan is constantly evolving here, but that seems like the best way to make sure we're "covering everything" that we should be, while still doing lots of fun, hands on stuff as a family.

Our first theme is a study on pond life. Tomorrow I'll be posting a (long) list of pond related resources, but today I thought I'd share a couple of fun stamps I made to go along with the unit. V is particularly fond of stamping and painting, and I figured maybe we could use them to make some fun collages or something.

The results, while not perfect are fun, and sufficient for our purposes.

The smiley frog face graphic, found here, was the pattern for this stamp:

I drew a lily pad, and and a vaguely duck-like bird, (ha,) and made these:

In spite of any artistic shortcomings, V was impressed. I'm excited about the possibility of carving stamps to go along with our future units.

(Random tip: the erasers from Dollar Tree carve reasonably well, as long as you're carving something simple and graphic. They're much cheaper than a real carving block, and a little less delicate.)

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  1. those are cute I might have to try to make some

    Shannon @ welcome to our wonderland