Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Cake Balls, Take 1

Cake ball.

It seems I'm about a year behind on the cooking trends. This year everyone is making whoopie pies, but I'm finally getting around to trying cake balls, (last year's big thing.)

I thought I'd make some for Christmas, but in an uncharacteristic moment of forethought, I decided to do a trial run.

Cake balls.

I used white cake mix, green frosting, and white almond bark coating. They were a little rustic looking, (read: not perfectly round,) but sprinkles cover a multitude of sins.

They were festive looking, and well received by my husband, sister, and of course, the kids. I think I'll be making some of these gingerbread cake balls closer to Christmas, along with our usual fare.

Are you making anything new this year, or sticking to the old favorites?

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